Physical Therapy

What is physical therapy?

Physical therapy is a health care profession that helps individuals whose movement and function are adversely affected by injury, disease, age or environmental factors. At Palm Beach Aquatics and Physical Therapy our physical therapists help patients work toward their goals of relieving pain, as well as developing, maintaining, and restoring maximum movement and functional ability.

The cornerstones of physical therapy treatment are therapeutic exercise, manual therapy, gait, balance and functional training. Physical therapy, which has many specialties such as sports medicine, industrial, orthopedic, neurology, and pediatrics.

How do I receive physical therapy?

In order to receive physical therapy, you need to obtain a prescription from a health care provider. This provider may also suggest a specific rehabilitation company or provide you with a list of physical therapists in your area. In some cases, your insurance company will guide you to the "in network" providers that are included in your insurance plan. But the final decision as to where you receive rehabilitation care is up to you.

Be sure to let your health care provider or insurance company know that Palm Beach Aquatics & Physical Therapy is your first choice when it comes to rehabilitation. We participate in many insurance plans; however, if we are not in your network, look into whether your plan has out-of-network benefits that will allow you to receive our first-rate services. We appreciate your interest in Palm Beach Aquatic & Physical Therapy, and we'd love to work with you on your return to an active lifestyle.

Physical therapy is valuable in the treatment of many diagnoses, so it's always a good idea to ask your health care provider to prescribe physical therapy before other methods such as prescription medication, injections and surgery. If you are unsure whether or not physical therapy can help you, contact a representative or therapist at Palm Beach Aquatic and Physical Therapy as we are always happy to answer any further questions or concerns you may have.

What should I wear to physical therapy?

The physical therapist will need to expose and examine the body part (knee, shoulder, back, etc.) you are being seen for. Please wear appropriate clothing that will allow this. For all visits, wear comfortable, loose fitting clothing suitable for exercise.

How long is each treatment session and how many visits will I need?

This depends on your situation. Each patient and diagnosis is different. Each patients condition responds differently to the care plan.

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